About us

Hello Gorgeous!

I am really happy to meet & see you here! My name is Kimberly Neirynck and I'm the founder of OnlyByKim. My mission with By Kim is to give you a smile every day and feeling Happy with yourself! Enjoying life to the Max! By accessorizing you with beauty and fashion items designed and selected by me. This I do with a big smile and even more power!
Because you are worth it!
Our mission at by Kim is more than just feeling happy with yourself.  Nowadays it's  not always easy to feel good about yourself.  
We strongly believe that you should be able to look, dress & accessorize like you want to!
I created By Kim to inspire women to feel confident no matter what size you have. Because beauty and happiness comes from the inside!
All our products are designed with love and power, and will help you feel great, look great no matter your curves our age!
If you have any questions please contact us or Dm me on instagram.  I would love to connect and start  a conversation💕
See you there!